When nobody is looking
exhibition of Roderick Murray
from 4th April to 30th April, 2019
Opening hours of exhibition:
on the day of a performance, from 2 hours prior of beginning till the beginning of the recent show.

A Londoner, who chose Warsaw for his home. Here he lives, works and makes friends. Here are his favorite bars, where, over a glass of beer, he observes people and situations, which are stored in his memory, to be later – having been processed by his imagination – brought to the canvas. He does it with humour and even mockery, though a note of nostalgia can be also detected.
In recent years the artist broadened the spectrum of media in use reaching out to collage and even sculpture. Shunning philosophical self-analysis, he openly and with enthusiasm takes advantage of fortuity. To be able to make something out of nothing or to change completely the object of the work when a small element, after turning the canvas upside down, becomes the beginning of something completely new – this is a creation process in real time, without planning or drawing, which brings very interesting, often unexpected results and joy to the artist and the viewers, … although it sometimes requires almost multidimensional vision.
The titles, convoluted, often puzzling and full of ever present English humour contain many literary references and indicate a love of language and books. They constitute an integral element of the work – only with it can the reception be complete.
Painting is fundamental to his existence and defines him as a human being. It is also a way of communicating with the world. He paints in solitude in his Warsaw studio, where he transforms his thoughts, feelings and memorized experiences into art, full of colours and intimacy which can be brought to life only when nobody is looking.

This presentation is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy

exhibition of Grzegorz Szczuka
27th February – 31st March, 2019 | Opening on 27th February at 20:00

Exhibition of “Somewhere” is part of planned exhibition in 2020. The “Somewhere” is an experiment to paint a dream in many ways. The artist visits his subconscious, visiting unreal places,but the emotions he meets are real. To picture the depth of a vision the painter call help the contrast of colors, using contrasted layers and street art spray paintings. The inspiration comes from his inner child ego that helps to picture the unreal visions with real forms.

This presentation is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy

WE – The Women
book, performance and exhibition of Eta Kobi
15th December, 2018 | 16:00-21:00

“Woman” is a social and art project for women. It consists of a book “Woman”, exhibition “In her hands” that shows journals of the book characters and their photos, and workshops for women.

The book “Woman” has nine chapters-conversations with women of all ages, with different worldviews, living in different places in Poland. It is a story about a woman in the modern world. The book is accompanied by the exhibition “In her hands”, where you can view the photographs of the characters of the book, read their journals and write something in yourself.

The Author
Eta Kobi, author of the book and the exhibition, is 46 years old, lives in Warsaw and has been conducting development and educational activities for many years. She is a philologist and trainer of social skills as well as a writer and a photographer by passion. In 2017, she underwent hysterectomy surgery, which became an impulse to write a book and launch a project for women.

This presentation is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy

From Wagner to Gombrowicz
exhibition of Joanna Stanecka
21st September to 31st October 2018

The exhibition “From Richard Wagner to Witold Gombrowicz” contains the latest watercolors by Joanna Stanecka. The exhibits of the Polish actress, who has been living in Germany for twenty years, reflect her deepest passion over the colors, colorful spots and stage motifs: the Theater.
The painting was always Joanna’s great love and shortly after graduation came the difficult question: Drama school or art academy? Her great temperament and passion for group work led her to acting, but her second passion always stays in her heart.
The actress, who graduated of the College of Film, TV and Theater in Łódź (PL), former member of the Rozmaitości Theater in Warsaw, married an opera singer, moved to Germany and gave birth to three sons. Of course, the love and care for her sons came first, the acting career had to wait a little. During this time, Joanna transformed her acting potential into the painterly creativity. She was often there with her sons when Daddy rehearsed his Wotan on stage or as Polyphemus in “Acis and Galatea”, stood in a fountain to spy on the Galatea. She “saved” the fantastic stage moments in her head, to bring this later with the brush on the canvas. The series “From Richard Wagner to Witold Gombrowicz” are the results of recent opera and theater visitations and represent; Movement, emotions, contentment, fear or stage fright, all the elements that inseparably accompany the actors and singers on stage.

Two great personalities: Richard Wagner (1813-1883) and Witold Gombrowicz (1904-1969) stand side by side today, perhaps for the first time. Of course they never met in reality. Did they like each other? Probably not. A great German composer and a Polish writer, whose novels were often rewritten into stage plays. A composer who was in love with legends and history and a writer who felt the legends and history were a big burden. Gombrowicz grants his characters, as well as himself, the right to individuality and spiritual freedom, regardless of any convention. Wagner-Gombrowicz – these two opposites share a common value: the great passion for the theater and the magnificent intensity of expressing emotions.

This presentation is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy

Theatre masks from Iran
exhibition of Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh
from 24th August to 29th August, 2018

“I am Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh, born in 1965 in Damghan, Iran.

Some years ago, as a new sparkle passed through my mind, I felt an innovation inside myself. From that time, any play I read I visualize the characters in my mind and try to make them realized with the newspaper paste (Papie Mache) in an exaggerating way. The masks I make, are formed by the use of my own imagination and creation, some of them are based on some well-known characters existing in works of the world’s plays such as Shakespeare, Eugen Ionescu, Miguel de Cervantes, Eugene O’Neill, Sophocles, Euripides, Achilles, Moliere, … etc. and their characters as Odipus, Prometheus, Scapin, Zeus, Don Quixote, Osiris, Creon, Haemon, Julius Caesar, Clown, King Lear, Medea, Antigone, yank, Berenger, Romeo & Juliet and so on.

One of the attractive points about my works is that they can be presented wherever it is possible; no matter it is a gallery, a museum or even a plain wall of stone or mud l! One of the memorable experiences of mine was the display of my masks in historical place of Tappeh Hessar, one of the most ancient monuments in Damghan, Iran which dates back 7000 years.”

This presentation is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy

exhibition of Michał Ignar
from April 18th to May 31st, 2018

Michał Ignar says that his family has always been looking for artistic expression. Mother – a fashion designer, who worked in Moda Polska for years – created paintings, father – a scientist – wrote poems, aunt – a painter, brother – a composer. Photography became Michał’s artistic domain. It’s not enough to glance at his pictures: portrait and street ones. Modest content is full of meaning. In his photographs Michał expresses his love of beauty and simplicity. The magic of ordinary unusual black and white photographs will enchant you in Teatr Druga Strefa from April 18th to May 31st, 2018.

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exhibition of Marta Frej
from 14th March till 31st March 2018

Is meme art??
Those created by Marta Frej for sure. She ordinary Internet joke pierced in the line drawn fantastic images that laugh, shrug, forcing to reflect, and sometimes allow you to look at the reality around us from a new perspective. Perversely, ironically and intelligently exposes the hypocrisy surrounding us from all sides. And these affecting women especially.
Memes Marta Frej is not just art, it’s art involved.

This time, she is engaged in the festival “Theater is a woman”. During the festival Teatr Druga Strefa invites you to an exhibition consisting of fifty memes by Marta Frej. Each of her works will correspond to the content of units issued as part of the festval.

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Painting differently
exhibition of Urszula Buczkowska
from 17th January, 2018 to 19th Febrauary, 2018

Painting differently is a collection of different works of art. What they have in common is searching for new possibilities and setting boundaries in textile art. It’s a rare way of portraying the reality, painting with paints, threads and textiles. The collection is also a short history of an exploring artist – from the first steps with the new tool in her hands to her fascination, development and, finally, her gallop 🙂 As the deadline is so short! The deadline for creation.

UB, known as Ulabuka, born in Białystok, has started and never finished architecture, art education and cultural studies at the university. Currently she lives in Warsaw and is a freelancing graphic designer. paints, draws, sews and knits. Owns a million of colored pencils and notebooks. Even the wardrobe in her kitchen is crammed with books. She’s been working on textile art for three years now.

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Piece of sky
Installation by Szymon Motyl
26th August – 31st December, 2017

Szymon Motyl, through his installation, has a dialogue with the space. Slightly floating in the air, an angular cloud brings to mind the children’s fun in releasing bunnies. The abstract form inspired by the art of origami takes on the game with light, color and urban architecture. It changes the environment along with the wandering sun in the sky, projecting blue light on buildings, streets, walls.

Szymon Motyl (born 1978) is also appearing under the pseudo “Butterfly Trotyl”. He had graduated in graphic design at prof. Grzegorz Banaszkiewicz at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Academy of Dlugosz in Czestochowa. He started with graphic and painting, but quickly became interested in public spaces in the area of ​​art and installations. The installation was financed from the funds of the municipality of Toruń and the Toruń Agenda Cultural for the Need of Vision 2017 Festival. This exhibition of Teatr Druga Strefa is co-financed by the Office of the City of Warsaw.

#exhibition #installation #outdoor #sky #szymonmotyl

Photography exhibition of Anna Wojtecka
10th August – 30th September, 2017

Nowadays, burlesque [and boylesque] are recognised as theatrical forms and performative arts that take inspiration from dance, literature, circus and culture in general. The selection of photographs of around 20 international artists presents the variety of its forms – from classical feathered Moulin Rouge style, through grotesque vaudeville to thrilling acrobatics and fire shows.
Second part of the exhibition is devoted to „Burlesque Life” – a portrait photography project which shows burlesque stars in their everyday life, casual outfit, with no makeup on, contrasted with full makeup stage looks. Yet, it is not about the transformation itself. The purpose is to focus attention on the fact that performers often have different day jobs, work in public institutions, banks, offices, follow the established code of conduct. Indeed, burlesque is their way to express themselves and create scenic alter ego.
A few backstage photos add some extra flavour to the exhibition and are a chance for a sneak-peek from behind the scenes.

Anna Zofia Wojtecka has graduated from American Studies at the University of Warsaw and Graphic Design postgraduate studies at Strzemiński Academy of Art, Łódź. In 2010 she started working as a professional photographer and in 2012 began capturing the burlesque stage in Poland and abroad. Her works were published in „Polityka” „Przekrój” „Elle” „Instyle”.

#exhibition #burlesque #photography #annawojtecka

Such-a-Something | action/presentation | courtyard of Teatr Druga Strefa
installation of Marek Sułek
from 11th October, 2017

We would like to invite you to participate in a work of Marek Sułek together, at space front of Teatr Druga Strefa. Your participation is relevant, in this way we change, that is around us.

Marek Sułek had graduated at Art School of Warsaw and post-graduated at Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, long term lecturer of the European Art School in Warsaw. His works are focusing the city’s space, Extraordinary Project of Warsaw, Zone of Unreal Reality, Statue of Disposable Items. Installation of Techno-eco-art. These works are combining the nature and artificial materials, exp. natural environment with plastic. Marek Sułek has more dozens of exhibitions through around Europe and United States, among others in New York, Berlin, Antwerpen, Sarajevo, the Hague, Milan, Łódź and Gdansk. More of his art works is presented in public places in Warsaw, Paper Boat on the promenade of Vistula, statue of City of Angel in Praga-side, „Glob” and „Bank with a cradle” in the new Children’s Hospital at Banacha.

#exhibition #installation #publicplace #SuchaSomething #MarekSułek

Between image and emotion, in relation of a daughter and her disfuncional mother
Installation by Aleksandra Wrońska
only on 13th September, 2017

Welcome to my exhibition where I present fruits of my six year of research. This piece of work is interactive. I invite you to jump into thic construction. You won’ t be able to leave the box for 2 minutes and 16 seconds. You will experience images and sounds all by yourself. After this period of time someone will open the door and bring rescue. It’s just like during childhood. You can’t leave it and resign from it even if it is very harmful. I give you space for your ownthoughts. I will try to evoke emotions which accompany child brought up by disfunctional mother. I will show mature woman who takes all the responsibility and take care of their executioner only because we can’t say anything bad about our own mothers. For you it’s only just 2 minutes for them it’s a life.

Aleksandra Wrońska

#exhibition #installation #daughters #mothers #relationships

City in frame
Exhibition of Miłosz Zawistowski
2nd June – 30th June, 2017

Narrow, charming streets and corners, historical panoramas with majestic church towers and city halls. For most of us, this is the first view which comes to mind when we think about cities depicted by fine arts. Beauty of town’s historical quarters make it’s residents proud and aware of the great achievements brought to them by previous generations. How a contemporary city portrait should look like then? How precious is new architecture to us? Five large paintings are my answer for these questions. Every canvas shows an individual building constructed in my hometown Lublin from post-second world war period until today. Each of them consist a horizontal composition containing only a fragment of the structure, what can be associated with a movie frame.

Miłosz Zawistowski – born in 1992 in Lublin, Poland. Received his Master’s Degree in painting from Art Department of Maria Sklodowska Curie University in 2016. Participated in several group as well as individual exhibitions. Apart from painting his interests include architecture, urban planning and artistic installation. His paintings reflect his passion for geometry and little bit of surrealism emphasized by intense color palette. All works tend to keep the meaning unsaid leaving the free interpretation for the viewer.

Przeobrazowania – Transformations
Exhibition of Klaudia Olander
31st March – 31st May, 2017

“Przeobrazowania” – is a set of 4 mini-series of photographs by Klaudia Olender, presenting her most interesting works, which were created on the last few years. The photographs, through the play of light, shadow, metaphors and allusions, point our relationship with the environment. They are the demystification of reality and parabola of fears of the “contemporary” human, take us on a journey around the world, seen in different way. “Przeobrazowania” is a transformation of the faces, reality, structures, objects, places to create the own image of everyday life. Different perspective leads to discovery new meanings and concepts, brings us to paradoxically different reality.

Klaudia Olender, by birth and by choice resident of Lublin. She graduated from Polish philology, theater studies and cultural studies at the Faculty Of Humanities of Maria Curie- Sklodowska University in Lublin, author of documentaries, interviews, photographs, activist, culture activist, participant of several exhibitions and film production. Enthusiast of experiments with broadly understood art. She loves cinema, the smell of coffee and the freshly sliced cucumbers, but she is allergic to the sound of the alarm clock.