About T2S

Sylwester Biraga | Director of Teatr Druga Strefa

Teatr Druga Strefa (T2S) is one of the first private theater in Warsaw with its own production. The theater was established in 1989 as a group of actors, in 1997 the group has become officially theater company, then since 2006 it has been playing in its own theater building in distirct of Warsaw, in Mokotów.

The company brought to life by director Sylvester Biraga, who wanted to fund a place for free exchange of creativity. Besides producing their own plays, newcomers, off-stream artists and independent alternative groups/companies have chance to debut. The theater is in constant motion with the age, since 1989 the age had brought a lot of changes of level of content, form and aesthetics, as an answer of the actual age, situation or vibration of the society. Sylvester Biraga is following all of these signs and put his own personal and professional development. He takes care of the shape and the steps that the Theater takes, and fills energy that endows the audience and people who are supporting this institution by their visiting.

You can find a wide spectrum of the repertoire from dance and burlesque performances through creative competition to the classical polish and world wide known dramas performed by the company or guest companies through around the world.

It is very imporant to the theater that support polish culture in and out of Poland. T2S has been having relation and cooperation with Russian, Ukrainian and French theaters, and it invites companies and guest performers from around the world. This theater is the one and only in the cultural history of Poland which was awarded the prestigious “Coup de Coeur” in 2009 at the Festival of Avignon for the original french langauge show of Sylwester Biraga’s “Fin de…”.