This concert performance by Carmen Azúar and Tomasz Kaszubowski is an emotional and passionate journey along imaginary roads in countries such as Spain, Peru, Argentina, Portugal and Brazil. Carmen’s vocals mirror the changing landscape as we travel onwards: sometimes ethereal and delicate, sometimes movingly poetic, sometimes with a heartfelt earthiness. Tomasz’s arrangements are as elemental as the wind and the rain, infused with the warmth and brilliance of the sunshine of the south. The music and stories told in Polish and in Spanish between the songs take us to unknown corners of the world without having to leave our seats. And although the road may be full of twists and turns, we are never lost with Carmen and Tomasz to guide us. This exceptional, mysterious, warm and atmospheric journey, imbued with the spirit of the south.

23rd June, 2018 at 20:00
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This production is co-financed by City of Warsaw.