Ruby jubilee

After forty years of living together do we know everything about our partner? It is not even about some hidden secrets, but about a never-ending desires, aspirations or preferences. For the first time Grażyna and Marian stay in a luxury hotel to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their marriage totally different, as they did before. However, they do not know the practical meaning of the word “luxury”, which causes even problem of getting into the room or aversion to the exotic – as per their taste – menu in the local restaurant. It would seem this is a standard situation of a marriage from countryside. The weekend would have been a more miserable, when a man came out under the bed (a newly elected minister who is in a very awkward situation), and the receptionist who supposes an intercourse among of these three people to spice up their boring married life. The Prime Minister has the minister up, but the minister can not reveal himself for fear of scandal (in the opinion of the public, because he is known as a morally incorruptible man). From that point the couple begins to rebuild their lives (in erotic way as well). Danny, the concierge – Daniel, but his colleagues call him so – would most likely turn this not-exist-triangle into an-exist-quadrangle. Who and how will come out of this situation, when for each side the situation starts to be uncomfortable?

Polish language performance

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Grażyna – Halina Chrobak
Marian – Józef Mika
Portier – Maciej Zuchowicz
Somebody – Paweł Ferens
Correspodent – Maciej Orłoś (appearence on screen)
Prime minister – Sylwester Biraga (appearence on screen)

Make-up by Natalia Kida
Written by Krzysztof Kędziora
Directed and scenic design by Sylwester Biraga

The show is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy.