Fish soup in Odessa

What if one man could change the course of history? What if one man could save the lives of many? What if the hero existed, but his voice remained unheard? What if the struggle against indifference still continued sixty years on? This is the voice of the young generation resurrecting the unfinished story of a forgotten hero.
The 50 minute drama is a story of the most famous wartime fate of the Polish emissary. Through his life, we learn how ‘the Lords of Humanity’ responded to the world. History shows they did not believe in Karski’s tragic report of the Holocaust.

Set in a new world order, where Polish is widely spoken. A world which never existed. Where the courage of a single man saved the lives of many. Where thanks to one man’s devotion and persistence, millions of would-be victims of the Holocaust are still alive. Would he be a star? An icon? A popular super-hero?
Let me take you on a journey through the realms of human inquisitiveness, indifference, deceit and human evil. The world of “FISH SOUP in ODESSA” is a world in which Jan Karski’s scars deserve to be called the scars of freedom. The story is alternately real and imagined, divine and earthly, touching and cynical, but always intriguing and deeply moving. Do you dare complete his story? Or perhaps You will write Your own.

English language performance.

2nd December at 18:00

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Performed by Sebastian Ryś
Text by Szymon Bogacz
Directed by Julia Mark
Stage movement by Piotr Świtalski
Translated by Monika Fronczak

The show is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy