Attend and wile

“Attend and wile” is an adaptation of Aleksander Fredro’s comedy “Husband and Wife” of Theater I.N.N.I.

Here is a love quadrangle: Elwira, the wife of Count Wacław, is cheating on him with Alfred, while at the same time both gentlemen are having an affair with the nimble chambermaid, Justysia. According to the ending played in Fredro’s day, when it all comes to light the only guilty party turns out to be Justysia, who will be sent to a convent as punishment… but the love triangle remains. This ending exposed Fredro to accusations of immorality, since it fails to condemn dissolution and marital infidelity.

This piece shows the characters in modern reality, settles them in a marriage bed, which is trampled and desecrated by the heroes of art. Waclaw, Alfred, Elwira and Justysia enjoy the erotic game of appearances, the rules of religion and morals, and treat them with great emotion. Nowadays the text of “Husband and wife” is considered one of the best and most frivolous writing.

Project supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Prom Kultury Saska Kępa of Warsaw.
Polish language performance.

16th December, 2017 at 20:00

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Wacław – Tomasz Poniży
Elwira – Dominka Maria Malczyńska
Alfred – Patryk Pawlak
Justysia – Judy Turan

Adapted and directed by Dominika Maria Malczyńska
Choreografy by Żora Korolyov
Translated from italian to polish by Angela Ottone
Scenic designed by Wojciech Paweł Rygalski
Costum designed by Dominika Maria Malczyńska and Wojciech Paweł Rygalski