No Darkness Round My Stone…

Louise (a father), Dan and Ivan (his two sons), Dolores and Laurka are in the center of this play based on a play by Fabrice Melquiot. ‘No Darkness Round My Stone’ is a story about people who are slaves of cruel fate. Wanting to escape from their reality, they protect themselves in the false world of illusions. Dreams that determine the life of the characters are the aftermath of pain and humiliation. Each of them are trying to fight for their place, release blocked emotions and face to their real faces. A summer night turns to a ritual of mourning, forgetfulness, farewell to childhood and separation from delusions. But Elvis Presley helps. he is a separate reality, an imaginary friend, and his songs are narratives of the lives of heroes, their emotions, their thoughts.

Polish language performance.

23rd February, 2018 at 20:00

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Ivan – Cezary Kwiecień
Louis, Lullaby – Paweł Ferens
Laurka – Pamela Adamik
Dolores – Katarzyna Hołtra / Anna Janik (on video)
Prawy – Konrad Szymański
Elvis – Marcin Żak
Dan – Krzysztof Kwiatkowski (on video)
Young Ivan – Miłosz Kwiatkowski (voice)

Music by Andrzej „Kwiatek” Kwiatkowski, Marcin Kleiber, Miłosz Oleniecki
Directed, adaptation and music coordination by Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
Assistance of direction by Cezary Kwiecień
Artistic care by Jacek Poniedziałek
Scenic designed by Klaudia Sadolewska-Moskal
Costume designed by Marcin Żak
Elvis Presents Arrangements by Andrzej „Kwiatek” Kwiatkowski, Marcin Kleiber, Miłosz Oleniecki
Directed of lighting by Jakub Wronko
Video by „Tadam”
Visualized by Miłosz Kaniewski
Technical arrangement by Elek Baranowski
Poster by The Krasnals
Translated by Maryna Ochab i Bogusława Schubert
Produced by Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, Cezary Kwiecień

The show is co-financed by Urząd m. St. Warszawy