City in frame
Exhibition of Miłosz Zawistowski
2nd June 2017 – 30th June 2017

Narrow, charming streets and corners, historical panoramas with majestic church towers and city halls. For most of us, this is the first view which comes to mind when we think about cities depicted by fine arts. Beauty of town’s historical quarters make it’s residents proud and aware of the great achievements brought to them by previous generations. How a contemporary city portrait should look like then? How precious is new architecture to us? Five large paintings are my answer for these questions. Every canvas shows an individual building constructed in my hometown Lublin from post-second world war period until today. Each of them consist a horizontal composition containing only a fragment of the structure, what can be associated with a movie frame.

Miłosz Zawistowski – born in 1992 in Lublin, Poland. Received his Master’s Degree in painting from Art Department of Maria Sklodowska Curie University in 2016. Participated in several group as well as individual exhibitions. Apart from painting his interests include architecture, urban planning and artistic installation. His paintings reflect his passion for geometry and little bit of surrealism emphasized by intense color palette. All works tend to keep the meaning unsaid leaving the free interpretation for the viewer.

Przeobrazowania – Transformations
Exhibition of Klaudia Olander
31st March 2017 – 31st May 2017

“Przeobrazowania” – is a set of 4 mini-series of photographs by Klaudia Olender, presenting her most interesting works, which were created on the last few years. The photographs, through the play of light, shadow, metaphors and allusions, point our relationship with the environment. They are the demystification of reality and parabola of fears of the “contemporary” human, take us on a journey around the world, seen in different way. “Przeobrazowania” is a transformation of the faces, reality, structures, objects, places to create the own image of everyday life. Different perspective leads to discovery new meanings and concepts, brings us to paradoxically different reality.

Klaudia Olender, by birth and by choice resident of Lublin. She graduated from Polish philology, theater studies and cultural studies at the Faculty Of Humanities of Maria Curie- Sklodowska University in Lublin, author of documentaries, interviews, photographs, activist, culture activist, participant of several exhibitions and film production. Enthusiast of experiments with broadly understood art. She loves cinema, the smell of coffee and the freshly sliced cucumbers, but she is allergic to the sound of the alarm clock.